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The Travel Angel Handbook, A Guide to Reduce the Stress of Air Travel

The Travel Angel Handbook, A Guide to Reduce the Stress of Air Travel, is an informative, entertaining collection of important information for your flight. This complete guide covers everything from preparing for a trip to simple exercises you can do in your seat when things in the cabin get turbulent or very boring.

The Travel Angel Handbook gives you an holistic approach to air travel, with mind, body, and spiritual tips that will help you find a way to make your trip more enjoyable and less stressful.

The Travel Angel Handbook includes tips on how to prepare for your trip with ways to pack a little lighter, what to include in an herbal remedy kit, effective insights to keep you from worrying. Information that is very useful at the airport, including how to deal with TSA and useful ideas to use in the boarding area. There are over 50 Yoga and Reiki exercises to do on the plane, calming meditations, positive affirmations designed for travel, and prayers for protection.

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There are great travel quotes and ways to practice kindness and consideration when traveling.

Let The Travel Angel Handbook be your Travel bible.

Rev. Cindy Paulos has been a practicing Metaphysical Minister for 40 years. Her first book “Put a Little Light in Your Life,”is a guide to sending and receiving positive energy.

She has two award winning CD’s out that feature her inspirational songs.